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A Short Guide to Automated Sortation

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Sortation is an important function for warehousing and fulfillment. In the past, most of the inventory, sorting, shipping, etc., was done manually by employees. Manual sortation takes time and labor, and there’s a big risk of errors being made.

However, businesses today have other options. There’s a range of tools that provide automated sortation, resulting in many benefits to users.

What Is Automated Sortation?

Automated sortation may seem complicated, but it is essentially the process of identifying different types of items on a conveyor system. Automation ensures that those items are then sent on to the correct destination in the warehouse, distribution center, or wherever they need to go.

For example, some packages might need to be sent to a certain packing station when being shipped. Items that are being received might need to reach a location where they can be received and then shelved.

Modern automation systems for sorting are highly advanced and have sensors that ensure the packages and products are always moved to the correct location. They use a range of different types of integrated technologies to accomplish this.

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Benefits of Automated Sortation

Automated sortation has the potential to change the way companies operate major areas of their business. It allows for better organization and smoother processes, which help reduce the amount of time it takes to move items through the warehouse or distribution center. Those who are still wondering whether automated sortation is worth getting will want to consider the benefits it offers.

Reduced Labor Requirements

How much time and energy are employees spending sorting by hand? Proper sortation can take hours a day or more. It’s repetitive, boring work, and employees will be worn down if this is the bulk of their day. By using automated sortation, the need for all of that manual work is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Instead, the employees can be shifted to other areas of the company, where they can do work that is more satisfying and ultimately more important to the production and prosperity of the business.

Inventory Sortation and Shipping and Receiving Sortation

Sortation systems can be used for many purposes in the workplace. Companies that have incoming products can use receiving sortation systems to ensure the products go to the right place in their warehouse or storage area. They can also handle inventory sorting and shipping sorting, which can move items through internal processes faster.

Smoother Workflow

The addition of automated sortation helps provide a smoother and more streamlined workflow in the business. There should be fewer slowdowns, fewer misplaced items, and a better overall process. This will improve productivity in the company, and it can help to ensure the customers are happier.

Eliminate Human Error

Although human employees work hard to avoid making mistakes, they are still human. This means that errors can and do happen. When the work is repetitive and moving faster than they can handle, mistakes become easier to make. One of the biggest benefits of using an automated sortation system is eliminating those types of human errors.

Easier Tracking

When the items are properly sorted, they will be routed to the correct location automatically. There will no longer be a need to search for products that were sent to the wrong shipping area or that were shelved in the wrong part of the warehouse. Everything will be much easier to keep track of, which means inventory management is also easier.

Works for All Industries

One of the misconceptions that surrounds automated sortation is that it will only work well for certain types of industries. Some feel that it’s only suitable for large distribution centers running around-the-clock or big box stores. That’s not the case, though. Many different types of industries will find that automated sortation systems can be beneficial for different areas of the business.


In the past, only large companies could afford a sortation system in their warehouses. They used to be costly and out of the range of most small to mid-sized companies. However, as technology has advanced, the prices of these systems have come down substantially. Companies of just about any size and budget can find options that work for their needs.

Small Footprint

One of the reasons that some companies worry about adding an automated sortation system is that they feel it will be too large and take up too much space. However, with many of the available options, the footprint is relatively small. The benefits will typically outweigh any issues with loss of space. Customized solutions can often be used to ensure the technology works within the available space.

Getting the Correct Automated Sortation System

Businesses have different needs, which means that a system that works for one company might not work well for another. Therefore, decision-makers trying to find a sortation system to bring aboard have to be sure it meets their specific needs.

When considering one of these systems, they must be aware of several factors. First, they have to consider the types and sizes of packages and items that will need to be sorted. A system that’s meant for small items probably won’t be ideal for large electronics. The amount of space available in the building where it will be used must also be considered. This will determine the size and location of the sortation system.

Consider a Custom Solution

One of the benefits of today’s automated sortation systems is that they can work for so many different types of businesses. This is because there isn’t just a one-size-fits-all option. With the right partner, it’s possible to have customized solutions created that can work well for businesses of any type and size.

Buyers considering a sortation system may also want to work with a provider, like Solution Net Systems, that can offer them other types of automation services, as well. For example, scanning, weighing, and even labeling systems can help to improve the efficiency of the business further. By choosing a supplier that can provide full-system automation, business owners can take the warehousing operation to a whole new level.

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