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Best Reasons to Choose Print and Apply Solutions

By October 7, 2021 October 26th, 2021 No Comments

Today, many automation solutions can be implemented into fulfillment centers, warehouses, e-commerce shops, distribution centers, and more. The cost of these tools has come down considerably, which is helping to level the playing field with smaller businesses that could not access those solutions in the past.

One of the options for automation that companies will not want to overlook is a print and apply solution. This can provide some nice benefits for labeling that can help with many types of businesses. Below are some of the biggest advantages of choosing to use automated print and apply labeling systems.

Reduced Errors

When it comes to labeling, human error can be a major problem. Labeling is a repetitive task, and it’s easy for people to get into “the zone” when labeling. However, there’s a chance that they make a mistake, and when they are moving quickly and are in the aforementioned “zone”, those errors can accumulate. This could mean that packages are not getting to the correct customers or are misplaced on shelves. Product information labels might be added to incorrect items. Many potential errors can occur.

One of the best things about automated print and apply solutions is that there’s no risk of error. The machines know what they are doing, they handle the labeling quickly, and they will not make the same errors that a human might make. Companies will experience increased accuracy, which results in happier customers and fewer returns or calls to customer service.

Accurate Placement

Sometimes, the errors with labels go beyond just placing them on the wrong orders. Sometimes, the labels might not be placed in the correct position on the packages. This can make them harder to find and deal with later. Some receiving companies and warehouses have specific rules about how and where the labels are supposed to be on the packages. If they are off by just a bit, it could cause issues with other parts in the process and end up slowing things down substantially.

Accurate placement of the labels is important, but it takes quite a bit of time when doing it manually. Employees will have to slow down to ensure it’s in the right spot and at the correct angle. Naturally, this ends up slowing the entire process down. With a print and apply solution, this is no longer an issue.

Reduced Costs

All companies like the idea of reducing their costs, and automation is a great way to do this. Machines are faster than humans doing the same job. As mentioned already, the accuracy is better, as well. With a print and apply tool, companies can increase their productivity without the need to hire more people and without the worry of errors. This will provide a substantial amount of savings and will ensure a good return on investment for the machines.

Additionally, the machines will be available around the clock, which is not true of employees. The machines will not need to take time off or call out sick either. Adding them to the business can help to increase the level of productivity in ways that many business owners did not realize was possible, all while keeping the costs down.

The employees can be put to better use in the company. Let them handle tasks that are better suited to their skills and that will provide more value to the company.

Works with Many Types of Products

One of the worries that some companies have when it comes to automated print and apply solutions is that it will not work with the type of products they offer. Sometimes, they aren’t sure whether the tools can keep up with their demands. Whether the products are irregularly sized, fragile, or have other issues that make them more difficult to handle, the right automated tools can help.

Today, there are plenty of excellent options available for all manner of companies. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the solutions on the market will work well for all companies. It’s important to choose a provider that can meet any specific needs the business might have.

Find a Provider Offering Custom Solutions

Ideally, buyers will take the time to find and work with a provider that can offer them custom solutions for printing and application of labels. There are different options and types of systems available, so finding the solution that works for those specific needs should be the first order of business. If the provider doesn’t offer custom options, it’s not the right solution.

In addition to finding a custom solution, it should be capable of integrating with other tools that are being used in the company. This would include scanning systems, sortation, etc. Finding a provider that already offers those types of solutions, in addition to print and apply, will often be the best bet.

Choose a Scalable System

It’s also important to choose a system that can scale along with the company. Although a business might be at a relatively low level of production today, it doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. The goal of companies is to grow. Therefore, finding automated solutions — including print and apply tools — that will scale with the company is essential.

Good Customer Service

One of the other important elements to consider when choosing a company for any automated solution is its customer service. Always choose companies that have stellar customer service and that can help to implement the machines and ensure that they are operating correctly. Stay away from companies that don’t provide any level of customer service after the initial sale of the equipment.

Consider Adding Other Types of Automation

Although print and apply solutions are certainly one of the most important elements to add, other types of automation will be beneficial, as well. Some of the other options to consider include automated sortation, receiving, and weighing and scanning. Using all of these tools together can help to increase the overall accuracy and efficiency of the operation.