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Businesses Benefit from Using Print and Apply Solutions

By November 22, 2021 No Comments

Businesses often need to print labels for packages they are sending out, as well as for certain product packaging. Application of the labels is time-consuming and repetitive. In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand without hiring more people. Of course, simply adding more employees is not the answer to this type of need. A better option is to use a label print and apply solution.

What Is a Print and Apply Solution?

Print and apply labeling allows users to create and apply labels directly to product packaging, packages that are being shipped, and more. It is a hands-off approach that makes the process faster and easier. Machines can print high-quality labels of different types and then automatically apply them, which provides a range of benefits to those who integrate them into their business.

Reasons to Choose a Label Print and Apply Solution

Why are more and more businesses using print and apply technology? There’s not just a single reason. Below are some of the biggest benefits that can come from adding this type of automation to the storage area or warehouse.

Don’t Fall Behind on Orders

Companies falling behind on their labeling processes may want to consider this solution. Falling behind can happen for several reasons. There might be a shortage of workers because some called in sick, or there might be an influx in orders that employees can’t keep up with on their own.

Regardless of the reason, there’s a risk that orders will start falling behind. If a company is receiving products that need to be labeled before being shelved or shipped, it will increase the amount of time they are sitting on the warehouse floor. A print and apply solution will help.

Put Existing Labor to Better Use

Many companies have employees who handle most of the printing and application of the labels. This takes many employee hours. It also happens to be repetitive, boring work that could easily be done with technology. Instead of putting the employees to work doing these repetitive tasks, their skills and time could be used for other jobs.

Managers and owners don’t need to downsize and get rid of those employees when they use a print and apply tool. They simply need to find a way to put those employees’ skills to better use throughout the company.

Consistent and Accurate Label Placement

Oftentimes, the placement of labels needs to be precise, so that they can be scanned, read, shelved, or shipped. The use of labeling technology will ensure that the labels are always in the right place, so there is no worry about packages not being scanned and tracked properly.

Since the labor is done by machine, users will not have to worry about it getting tired or slowing down. It can work 24/7 and continue to provide excellent results.

Reduce Human Error

Although the people employed at the company work hard, they are human. They can and do make mistakes, get ill, and sometimes misinterpret what they were told to do. New employees might put labels on the wrong part of the package, which would require rework. They might mislabel packages that are being shipped.

Any number of issues could arise when humans are doing repetitive tasks for hours on end. However, automated print and label application solutions will eliminate these issues.

Increase Productivity and Profit

Making the business more efficient is the goal of all companies. This solution is a fantastic way to do that. When the process is made more efficient, it helps to increase productivity. Products move through the system faster, and there is no need to worry about errors. Productivity is boosted, and this means that profits will rise.

A Cost-Effective Option

One of the fears that some business owners have about print and apply and other types of automation are that it will be too expensive to use. However, that’s no longer the case. Just a decade or so ago, it was expensive to automate a business, which meant it was typically only the larger businesses that did so.

Today, the cost of print and apply technology and other automation has come down considerably. It’s now affordable for businesses of any size to use these tools and enjoy their benefits.

Clients and Customers Will Be Happier

When using this solution, it helps to move packages and items through the system faster. This often means that the customers will not have to wait as long before their products are shipped. They receive them faster, and the proper labeling ensures they make it to the right destination. This means happier customers, which means more profit.

Choose a Quality Partner for Label Print and Apply Solutions

It’s easy to see that print and apply can provide some impressive benefits for companies. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the solutions available will provide everything that’s needed. Those who are interested in utilizing this type of technology should find a partner that can offer a solution that works for the company’s specific needs. The tool that’s right for one company might not be right for another.

Often, this means getting a custom solution. It needs to provide the type of labeling that’s needed, and it needs to physically fit in the space where it will be used. Fortunately, it’s possible to find companies that can customize a solution that will fit specific needs, whatever they might be.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to choose a scalable tool. As a company grows, so will the need to handle more printing and labeling each day. Find an option that can grow with the business for the best results. It may still need to be changed or added onto at some point, but it’s nice to continue working with the same company over the years. Take the time to find an option that can work well now and into the future.