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Choose the Right Print and Apply Solutions for Better Efficiency

By January 17, 2022 No Comments

Many companies are taking the wrong approach when it comes to printing and applying the labels needed for their products. Typically, they will do one of two things. They might buy a printer and print out their labels and barcodes and then apply them to the boxes and packages manually. Other times, they might buy preprinted labels to have on hand and then apply them to the products manually.

The Problems with Self-Printing and Self-Application

Consider some of the problems with those options. For starters, those who print their own labels might be printing them out with a standard desktop printer. Even a high-quality printer will not likely be able to print the level of quality needed for the packaging. They might smudge, which could make numbers, names, and barcodes impossible to read and scan. Additionally, it takes a lot of time and ink to print them. Buying a printer that is capable of printing the labels could help, but they would still need to be applied manually, which takes a lot of time.

Those who buy preprinted labels from quality printing companies might be a step ahead of those that print their own on desktop printers, but they still have to apply the labels manually. This takes a long time, and there is the risk of error. The wrong labels might be applied, or they could be applied in the incorrect locations.

Fortunately, there is a better way to do things. It’s an option that companies of all sizes should consider, as it can offer some nice benefits when compared to the other options for printing and adding labels to products. It’s time to embrace the future and start using better systems.

Benefits of Using Print and Apply Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of using this technology will be the increase in efficiency that the company will experience. These machines can print and add the labels to the correct spot on the packages and boxes faster than it could be done by hand. This reduces the amount of time it takes, ensuring that the products move on to the next step faster whether they are being shipped or shelved.

The machines can work around the clock if needed, and they will always be available without needing to take a break, a sick day, or a vacation. As much as businesses appreciate their employees, they could be used for other activities in the company rather than labeling. It’s a more efficient use of their time and talents.

The print and apply solutions also have special software that will allow other automation solutions that are running to communicate with one another, helping to increase the overall efficiency of the process. It can also allow for reporting and diagnostics.

When a full automation system is chosen, it will include scanners, printer applicators, controls, and software. They can be customized to the warehouse’s needs, and they are easily configurable. The machines can be used on their own, or they could be integrated with other solutions in the operation if needed. It all depends on how the company operates.

Users can have single or multiple labels printed and applied, making them even more efficient. These machines tend to be small and take up a minimal amount of floor space.

One of the other benefits of using these machines is that they aren’t going to make errors. Humans, even though they are trying their best, can be rushed when they have a lot of work to do. This means that the wrong labels might be applied, or they could be put on in the wrong location or slightly askew. The machines will not make these types of mistakes. This means fewer errors that need to be fixed, and it ultimately means happier customers and a more efficient workplace.

Many Types of Labels

It’s possible to have machines that can print many different types of labels depending on what is needed. This includes product labels, which need to be put onto boxes or directly onto products, for example. It also includes the labels that will be used for shipping and receiving. With some products, companies might be required to put certain compliance labels on them. These tools can even handle those types of labels.

With the right label print and apply machine, users get a complete solution for automated labeling. From e-commerce to product identification, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, everything that’s needed can be printed and applied through these solutions.

What to Consider When Getting Label Print and Apply Machines

Although one of the first things that a lot of companies worry about is the cost, these machines are more affordable than they’ve ever been. Of course, there is still the initial cost of the machine and getting everything set up. However, when factoring in the increase in productivity, the reduction in errors, and the reduced amount of labor costs, most companies will see that it’s well worth the cost.

When choosing a machine, it’s important to find a seller that can provide customized solutions. Every company will have unique labeling needs, so it is important to find an option that will work well for those specific requirements. Always look for an option that can be customized, and for one that is scalable. As a company grows, it’s important that the added automation solutions can grow along with them. Otherwise, it means getting new setups with each growth spurt to keep up.

More and more companies are starting to use these types of machines. They are an affordable solution that can provide fantastic benefits. The systems are easy to operate, and investing in them now will provide reduced errors, better accuracy, and improved efficiency. They will also boost productivity and add revenue to a business. Take the time to learn more about the options available and see how they can help the business improve. Consider some of the other automation solutions, as well, to see what other tools are available.