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Companies Would Benefit from Automated Sortation

By July 13, 2021 No Comments

Automation has changed the way that companies today are doing business, and the change is for the better. In the past, using automation was costly and it was relegated to large companies that could afford the investment. However, as the technology has improved over the years, the cost has started to come down, making it far more affordable. Given the benefits that automation can offer, it is easy to see why more and more companies are choosing automation. There are many types of automation available today, and one of the most useful is automated sortation.

Types of Automated Sortation

The sorting process is part of fulfillment. Sorting happens when the inventory is coming into the business or warehouse, as well as when products are at shipping and receiving. Proper sorting is essential in all of these locations.

Sorting inventory as it comes to the warehouse or store will help to make the management of products and items faster and easier. It has the potential to help reduce the amount of time spent trying to track down items that have been ordered, and it becomes easier to check the stock. Those who use automated sortation for inventory that comes into the business will find that it can make knowing when to restock easier, as well.

Automated sortation is also often used for shipping and receiving. When items are ordered, they are picked, packed, and shipped. During that time, the items are sorted several times before they make it to the customer. Large businesses that specialize in shipping, such as UPS, have been using automated sortation for years. It’s helped to speed up their business and their accuracy. Now, smaller companies can put the technology to use for a fraction of the cost.

For those companies that prefer to ship from their own warehouses rather than relying on third-party logistics companies, automated sortation is a great idea. Companies that offer third-party logistics services should use the technology, as well.

Benefits of Choosing Automated Sortation

Other than the fact that larger companies are using automated sortation, why should smaller companies choose this option? Regardless of the size of the company, many benefits come from using this type of sorting. It can be used for many types of products regardless of the style, size, or shape, and it is easier to implement than many people think.

For starters, automated sortation is faster and more accurate than relying on humans to handle the job. Even the best employees can make mistakes from time to time. This can slow down the shipping process or it could cause packages to become lost or shipped to the wrong people.

Automated sortation can also help to increase the amount of uptime when it comes to sorting. This is because there is no stopping for human-related issues. The sorting can continue where using people could slow the process. The modern technology and machines used for sorting are far more efficient than the antiquated methods that some companies are still using. It can save time and mean that fewer employees need to be hired for the sorting process. This can reduce costs significantly while speeding up the process and reducing errors.

Another benefit is that the automated sortation solutions that are available today can be customized. All companies are different, and their needs will vary from one to the next. When a quality system is chosen, it can be geared toward the specific needs of the business. This makes it helpful for many different types of businesses that need to sort products quickly and accurately.

The automated sortation technology is often scalable, as well. When a business starts to grow, the technology can easily scale right along with it. This eliminates the need to find another solution as the company gets bigger. Before choosing an option for sortation, always check to determine whether the solution will be scalable or not. If it isn’t, it’s better to choose a different automated sortation option.

Where Can Automated Sortation Help?

What types of businesses might benefit from this type of sorting technology? Today, they are used in a wide range of different types of businesses. Any company that must sort items will find that it can be a good solution.

Warehousing and logistics operations will find that automation can provide a range of benefits, including automated sortation. It can help to make the operations more efficient and make it easier to find and ship items from the warehouse directly to customers. Many ecommerce brands are starting to use this type of automation, as well. It can help to make fulfillment easier whether the items are being shipped in-house or from a drop shipper.

Another way that automated sortation can help is with returns. Sorting the returns that come back to the company will make processing faster and easier. Again, this helps to reduce the amount of time and money spent dealing with this and other aspects of the business.

What to Look for with Automated Sortation

Take the time to analyze what is needed for the company that’s considering sortation. Where and how is the sorting happening currently? Figure out where the major slowdowns and problems occur and identify them. Then, determine how automated sortation could help to relieve those pain points. Figure out what the business needs from this technology and then find a company that can provide what’s needed. Make sure they can provide all the features that are needed, that they have a good reputation, and that they can make implementing and using the technology as easy as possible.

A Good Investment

Given the benefits that automated sortation can offer, it can be a fantastic investment for nearly any company. Those that have warehouses will appreciate all the benefits discussed above. Although there is an initial investment with automated sortation, most companies will find that it is well worth it, thanks to the return on investment. Remember, a scalable solution can work now and later. Although the company might still be relatively small, it’s better to get on board with automated sortation early.

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