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Improve Your Warehouse Automation Capabilities with Solution Net Systems Multi-Axis Printer Applicator Solution (MAPs)

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Improve Your Warehouse Automation Capabilities with Solution Net Systems Multi-Axis Printer Applicator Solution (MAPs)

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Press Contact – Mike Marino (215)-237-4319

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 27th, 2021 – Solution Net Systems (SNS) today at Pack Expo Las Vegas announced the introduction of a Multi-Axis Printer applicator Solution (MAPs) bringing a new dimension of flexibility to the label print and apply marketplace. This technology provides the ability to vary the application of a label along 2-axes.

Combining MAPs with FAST™ Label software results in a controlled and intelligent placement of labels on a wide range of e-commerce parcels (cartons, polybags, flats).  Labels are applied to avoid or cover existing labels on the top of parcels regardless of orientation and justification on a material handling system.

“By introducing our Multi-Axis Printer applicator Solution, customers will be able to enhance their warehouse automation capabilities to meet the challenges of labeling e-commerce parcels without complex, expensive material handling equipment” said Stan Sroka, President of Solution Net Systems. “We are proud to introduce this innovative solution which overcomes traditional print and apply limitations.  SNS understands the needs of increasing demand in warehouse automation, and we look forward to working closely with our major customers and partners to make this new system successful in the marketplace.”

Existing industrial label, print, and apply applicators have often been constrained by high costs and limited capabilities.  In recognizing these constraints, Solution Net Systems engineering experts developed a robust solution that meets the day-to-day requirements of the most demanding material handling applications. A single Multi-Axis Printer applicator Solution can replace up to three (3) label printer applicators for non-justified parcel material flow.   The reduction in capital equipment expenses results in an extremely fast return on investment.

Solution Net Systems Multi-Axis-Printer applicator Solution is made for high throughput parcel automation and solves key limitations of competitive offerings by providing:

  • Increased Quantities – Allow for the accurate placement of labels on parcels, even at high speeds. Continually process parcels with consistent accuracy
  • Improved ROI – Increased accuracy and efficiency over hand labeling. Save costs on labor and reduce shipping material costs
  • Eliminate Errors – Precise mechanical control that virtually eliminates downtime and helps to reduce operator errors

About Solution Net Systems   

Solution Net Systems, Inc. is a global leader in the development of automated logistic systems and an expert in material handling solutions. SNS specializes in designing and implementing warehouse automation solutions.  Configurable solutions include label / print & apply, dimension / weigh & scan, stand-alone or integrated modules for product and parcel sorting, advanced AGV/AMR sorting solutions and a robust FAST™ warehouse control system platform for seamless integration.