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Tony Seleop

That’s been the motto of Tony Selep’s life since he can remember, always living life to the fullest. Tony has a passion for life, he lives for challenges. The road through those challenges is what keeps him fresh and invigorated. Tony’s passion not only shows up in his personal life, but also professionally. He’s been employed by Solution Net Systems for 25 years and every day is as fresh and exciting as his first day at the company.

SNS had the pleasure to sit down with Tony and understand what drives him.

You’ve been with SNS for over 25 years, what keeps your job fresh?
I enjoy helping and working with my customers, we have a great respect for each other and have become great friends over the years. In fact, many of my customers attended my wedding recently.

You have a very long career at SNS; tell us the positions you had?

I started as a technician, then moved to an on-site field engineer where I worked on the UPS project for seven years. After that I managed the US West Region Service Department. From there I moved into the roles of International Business Manager, Director of Emerging Markets, and finally into my current role of Director of New Business Development in the Federal market.

How did you hear about the technician opening at SNS (formerly Accusort)?

After completing time in the military and graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management, I was planning to work in the Justice Department. During the interim of waiting for the government tests and background searches to be completed, I went to a job fair at school. With my military background and education, I was a great fit for Accusort and was hired immediately.

Thank you for your service, tell us about your time in the military?

I was in the airborne unit of the army and served for 4 years, 6 months and 3 days. During that time I served in the US invasion of Panama. I learned a lot of discipline, teamwork, and skills that I use in my everyday life and career.

With such a long history at SNS, what career achievements are you most proud of?

In my career I have been honored with the President’s Club award multiple times. In fact, the last two consecutive years I have been presented with this accolade which I can attribute because of my work on a fully integrated large mail and tray sortation postal system project. It has been a great experience for me personally and professionally.

Tell me a little about your recent integration project?

The latest government project was an enormous undertaking. Our customer turned to SNS because of our 45+ years’ experience as a postal systems integrator and our fluency in government contracting, regulations and installations. Because of our vast knowledge about federal postal systems, our team helped shorten installation timelines by quickly navigating:

  • Design and analysis of the system’s proposed layout
  • Site surveys and building modifications
  • Development of installation plans for ongoing customer reviews
  • Engineering drawings offering details down to individual components
  • Project documentation and certifications specified the government agency
  • Shipping, receiving and procurement practices per government requirements

SNS is technology-agnostic to ensure our customers have access to the optimal solutions for their postal process, and we design our systems to offer maximum modularity, flexibility and scalability. Everything was seamlessly integrate within a years’ time into their two locations, which were each roughly 50,000 sq. ft.each, all while staying within their allotted budget.

When you are not busy working, what do you like to do on your free time?

Since I was 21 I started a making a buck list, every time I empty my bucket I refill it with something new. My accomplishments consist of:

  • Reading 52 books in 52 weeks
  • Learning how to play the guitar
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Dinner in the Eiffel Tower
  • Cliff diving in Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Learning how to make the perfect omelette from a French chef
  • Walking 2 miles of the Great Wall of China
  • Swimming in the Ganges River
  • Enjoying tea with a Buddhist Monk
  • Running with the Bulls

You have been all around the world, where is your favorite place?

I enjoy Prague, Vail and Key West and anywhere I can scuba, ski or hand glide. But I enjoy my hometown Chicago, where I can catch a Cubs game and enjoy a good meal and drinks with great friends.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my Employee Spotlight and for the powers that be for choosing me for the Employee Spotlight!

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