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Bring back to your team the SNS Automated Sortation System.

Adaptability Delivered

Quiet, scalable, and cost-efficient, the SNS Modular Sortation System offers pre-engineered modules able to provide transport, flexible divert options, and ultimately an adaptable solution to the changing e-commerce/omni-channel environment.


Eliminates the need for pneumatic diverters tanks to conveyor belts with integrated, electric, bi-directional lateral rollers, thereby improving operational energy efficiency by nearly a factor of three and eliminating costs associated with regularly installing and maintaining air compressors.


  • Manual or automatic induction system
  • Integrated bi-directional belt diverters provides multiple divert points on a single belt to enhance process flexibility
  • Integrates quickly with existing systems and software through common hardware interfaces and SNS’s enterprise FAST™ enterprise software, which helps streamline workflow, aid in product visibility, and optimize production efficiency.
  • Flexibility to handle wide range of materials, including polybags, padded envelopes, small and large parcels.
  • Safe
  • Employs safe, energy-efficient 24 V motor driven rollers
  • Replaces large, unsafe mechanical pushers with innovative, safe bi-directional diverter belts
  • Ambient sound is <70dB, far less than traditional air actuated diverters and well below regulatory requirements.

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