Introducing a new Print and Apply solution (LPA) that combines 2-axis high-quality label printing

Solution Net Systems Multi-Axis Printer Applicator Solution (MAPs) brings a new dimension of flexibility to the label print and apply marketplace. This technology provides the ability to vary the application of a label along 2-axis. Combining the solution with Solution Net Systems FAST™ Label Smart Placement software, labels can be applied to avoid existing bar codes or cover existing labels on the top of cartons regardless of orientation and carton justification.

Industry Problem

Justification of small cartons and label placement 3 separate printer applicators and a justifier

SNS Solution

Avoidance, overlay, and no justification MAPs can print them all

No Justification, No Problem

In a top apply configuration, the MAPs LPA will adjust to the position of the carton on the conveyor without needing justification or positioning. Regardless of product flow or height differences, the MAPs LPA will reliably apply labels to meet the demand of the application. This unique technology eliminates the need to justify product as well as separate a mix of products onto material handling lines.

Traversing Technology

-Avoids inbound bar code
-Detects and avoids address blocks
-Over label the inbound bar code

High Speed Labeling

-20+ labels per minute
-Higher rates with multiple units
-Variable label sizes

XY Unique Label Placement

-Carton justification not required
-Realtime placement

FAST™ Label

FAST Label will place the outbound label on the same side as the inbound label (left or right), but on the opposite edge of the item (leading or trailing edge) with outbound label placement. If the item is small and has an inbound label on it, FAST Label will not apply an outbound label if the item is too small to accommodate both bar codes with below spec labels. Having trouble with no-read? If a no-read occurs for a given item, FAST Label will attempt to place the outbound label in the center of the item.

Increased Quantities

Allow for the accurate placement of labels on cartons, even at high speeds. Continually process with consistent accuracy

Minimal Touches

Offer intuitive controls and interfaces which allow for simplified operation. Run with no operator intervention

Return on Investment

Increased accuracy and efficiency over hand labeling. Save costs on labor and reduce shipping material costs

Eliminate Errors

Precise mechanical control that virtually eliminates downtime and helps to reduce operator errors

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