A.I. Powered Robotic Induction

Solution Net Systems robotic material handling solution offers substantial benefits for any industry that moves parts or products at scale – saving space, reducing time, eliminating staffing issues, and maintaining reliability.
Increase overall operational effectiveness in your e-commerce, business to business, and busines to consumer fulfilment supply chain. Custom induction applications for warehouse and postal automation tasks include automomous material handling of boxes, polybags, small boxes, or bags

High Speed Parcel Induction for Increased Throughput

Getting items to the correct destination on time is very important. Using accurate and alert robots equipped with end effectors, vision systems, and AI software, they can ease the burden on human labor for any highly repetitive task. When choosing the right robotic solution, the size of the product being moved and how far the robot will need to reach are critical. Solution Net Systems provides you with the best solution for your material handling applications.

Induction to sortation technology. Simple pick and place automation integration. Just one building block in a fully automated material handling system

1. Pick from

Dynamic Flows

  • Scalable technology
  • Integrate with existing automation
  • New equipment installation
  • Increase your automation ROI
  • Fast deployment and service

2. Place in/on

In-Motion Belt

  • Eliminate staffing concerns
  • Interface directly with sorters
  • Portable and mobile
  • Adapt to changing environments
  • Improve line performance

A.I. Driven Vision System

AI-enabled solution for warehouse robots. Fast and flexible for a variety of items (boxes, polybags, small boxes, bags)

Intelligent Error Handling

Remote operator supports multiple robots simultaneously if exceptions occur. The robot responds in seconds and makes the system smarter

Solution Net Systems is a North American Distributor/Integrator for PlusOne Robotics

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