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The future is automated– and the future is now. Is your company on board?

With automated logistics, you’ll be able to avoid the hassles while trusting that your business is taken care of in every way. Even though the industry is abuzz and there is a slew of new technology available, many logistics and warehousing companies are still hesitating to take up automation for various reasons:

  • A lack of clarity on new technology
  • The unusual nature of competition in eCommerce
  • Omnichannel distribution uncertainties
  • Difficulty obtaining new technology and equipment
  • The variance in contract lengths and the lifespan of automation equipment

Of course, there could be several other reasons that you’re here now considering automated logistics, or reasons that you’ve avoided it in the past. Those don’t matter because we can take care of everything that you need.

There is a lot to gain from automation and our team of engineers is ready to help in any way that you desire. First, though, let’s make sure you really understand what this is and all the benefits so that you can find the right solutions. Then, we’ll discuss our available automations and help you figure out what you need.

The Benefits of Automation

In logistics, automation can reduce dependency on the labor market, which is getting even tighter by the day, making good help difficult to find. Not only that, but it can enable higher throughput and lower costs, even in small business environments.

We have an array of tools for every automation need, offering benefits like:

  • Better utilization of resources. When you’re automated, you aren’t wasting time on human labor, expensive equipment, or other costs associated with manual order processing.
  • Reduced operational and labor costs. You’ll spend less on the day-to-day operations of your business, as well as labor and other expenses. There will also be fewer expenses related to errors and problems that can be resolved by automation.
  • Reduced handling and storage costs. Have we mentioned how much you can save with automation? When it comes to handling and storage, we can provide savings and solutions there, too.
  • Fewer risks of human error. The human element is necessary for business, but in warehouse logistics, it can prove to be a hindrance. Automation reduces the risk of human error and creates a more streamlined flow so that things are done efficiently the first time.
  • Better customer service and brand image, thanks to improved operations and a better ability to track your shipments, orders, and processing. People will notice when your business is automated, and they will appreciate it. Plus, the automation frees up your team to address customer needs.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. Streamlining your operations with automation is going to change the way that you do business. You will do things quicker and easier, be able to sort or ship more, and save time and money along the way. What’s not to love?

We can help you customize an automation solution for your business, no matter what you have in mind. From a single service to multiple touchpoints and solutions, we’ve got you covered. We can work with businesses of all sizes to provide scalable automated solutions for labeling, picking, sorting, scanning, and more. We’ll even develop custom software to go with it all. Read more about our services below.

Label Print and Apply Automation

With our dedicated team of engineers, we can help you develop a custom solution for your labeling needs, no matter how big or small they might be. We have the tools that you need for automated labeling, including printing and applying labels of all kinds. We can handle compliance labeling, product labeling, shipping and receiving, and so much more. Our software and automation tools can be set up to handle all kinds of custom labeling needs, and integrated with our other solutions or designed as a standalone product. We’ll help you figure out what you need and streamline your labeling, even if that’s just the starting point for your automation efforts.

Automated Sortation

Sorting is a job that is time-consuming and tedious. It’s also heavily prone to human error because modern sorting lines move so quickly and have a demand for a fast pace. Quality can often slip through the cracks, leaving companies looking for better ways to get things done.

Automated sortation is the foundation of any functional warehouse or distribution center these days. Hand sorting and picking is a thing of the past, and today’s best brands use the human element to support the efforts of automation, rather than the other way around. When you work with Solution Net Systems, you will be able to streamline your operations from the ground up by adding automated sortation to your list of solutions.

Automated Scanning/Weighing

We can also help you set up dedicated and customized solutions for scanning and weighing packages and products. When it comes to automating your warehouse or business, you’ll find that our solutions really do run the gamut of what you need, and when you schedule a consultation with our engineers, you will be able to learn all about how we can help with systems for weighing and scanning that are designed to your exact specifications.

Other Automation Tools and Software

In addition to physical automation tools and systems, Solution Net Systems also works with an array of automation software tools and resources that can help you streamline your business efforts. We can devise a custom solution or build from our existing software platforms to create the interface that you want for your warehouse automation, design custom software to automate specific tasks, and more.

We can even assist with automated receiving and manifest systems, giving you end-to-end solutions for all of your automated logistics needs. There is essentially nothing that we can’t do to help you improve your automation in every step of the warehousing and logistics process. All that you have to do is set up a consultation to discuss your needs and find out how our team of dedicated engineers can help.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Automation statistics are in, and they’re quite impressive– for those outside of the industry, they might even be impressively shocking. If you’re still wondering whether the automated logistics solutions available from Solution Net Systems are something that you really need, here’s the proof.

  • This is a market that is worth more than $15 billion, and growing.
  • Automation can increase productivity by 25-50% or more.
  • 31% of all businesses have fully automated at least one function.
  • The AI market is expected to reach over $16 billion by 2022.
  • 79% of companies that have high-performing supply chains will be able to achieve revenue growth that is higher than average.
  • As many as 12% of companies lose all profits to the costs of distribution using traditional methods.

What are You Waiting For?

So many people assume they can’t afford automation or that maybe it’s not the right solution for them. As you’ve seen in the numbers above, automation is definitely the right solution, right now. If you want to keep up with the increasing competition and make sure that you deliver the results that people need, you have to automate. That’s not a question.

The question is: how?

With Solution Net Systems, you can leave that part to us– we’ll discuss your needs, your business, and your goals to help you come up with the best automation solutions, whether that’s an integrated package or just a standalone service that we can provide. We can even show you examples of our past work and how we’ve helped others save a small fortune on their expenses by automating tasks like scanning, sorting, labeling, and more.

It’s all about efficiency, and it’s about time. You are making an investment in your future, and we’re going to help you make the most of it. Even if you’re not sure where you need to begin, all you need to do is reach out to us, and we’ll get you started. We’ve spent years improving and refining the automation tools that we offer and our dedicated team of engineers is going to be able to give you the support that you need along the way, no matter what that means to you.

We live in a world where people want things quickly. Thanks to e-commerce companies with ultra-fast shipping times, customers demand more from other brands, assuming that if big brands can do it, so can the little guys.

Fortunately, with our assistance, you can now prove them right. In the past, it was often too cost-prohibitive for automation to benefit smaller companies because of the costs, but that’s no longer the case.

Solution Net Systems, offers affordable, customizable, and completely scalable solutions to help you take your automation to the next level. You just have to ask. Contact us today to discuss your automation needs and find out what we can do for you.

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