Automated Manifest Systems


Automated Manifest Systems (AMS) assist in the processing of manifests from air, rail, ground, or sea shipments. They can be used to deliver arrival and release information in transference from one shipment supplier to another. These systems allow users to identify risk level of shipments, allowing for faster, safer customs operations.

Since their inception, AMS have assisted in identifying potential security threats in all shipment domains; however, the United States Customs and Border Protection Departments require that all ships entering or passing through American waters deliver details about the hauled cargo.

AMS are connected directly to the United States Customers Department, allowing for no delay in information transfer. The most significant benefits of using AMS Systems are as follows:

  • Officials can identify threats more easily
  • Elimination of unnecessary paperwork
  • Digitization of documents allowing for easy reference

Aside from government application, these systems have that capability to streamline B2B operations as well.


Solution Net Systems provides automated manifest systems that are fully integrated with enterprise systems. The manifest system includes bar code scanning; manifesting software; static and in-motion scales; dimensioning; Label, Print, and Apply; and Automated Sortation capabilities. This solution combines high performance carrier compliant labeling and manifesting software for B2B, and direct-to-consumer shippers with state-of-the-art data collection and control technology.

When it comes to streamlining the processes of shipping and receiving goods, AMS represent excellence in adjusting to the requirements of different shipping systems. Custom shipping systems are developed to direct the shipping operation, and capture unique carton and pallet information. With a system that can adjust to the shipping system put in place for different freight, it allows for less downtime and faster movement of goods.

The system flexibility of AMS allows for the configuration of a partially manual operating system or a fully automated systems, reliant upon the other management softwares and location capabilities.

Main Features

  • Load cargo & manage shipment information electronically
  • Comply with requirements to submit electronic shipment information
  • Stand Alone or Integrated operation
  • Customizable Turnkey System
  • Ergonomic loading assist


  • E-Commerce shipments
  • 3-PL automated and cross docking facilities
  • Warehouse and distribution center shipping

Scalable and Sustainable

AMS can grow with shipping and exchange facilities for years. Their design allows them to have a partially manual operating system or a fully automatic one. Should the system be put into place with one system or another and a shipment provider would prefer to switch methods, the AMS can adapt to the influx of new operations.

As you move more products and looking for a better way to learn about the shipments entering and exiting your facility, use an AMS to keep up. AMS can be used for land, air, and sea manifests, meaning their application is highly scalable. When your business needs to grow and needs to be able to identify shipments more efficiently, use an AMS to do so.

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