Automated Receiving


Automation Receiving systems from Solution Net Systems are a fully integrated and complete solution with barcode scanning, label printers, applicators, and conveyors that improve accuracy and reduce errors associated with manual processing.

A key benefit of an automated receiving system is the ability to cross-dock by labeling the individual cartons with an outbound label. This allows the cartons to be fed onto a conveyor system that feeds an outbound sortation system. The cartons are unloaded onto the receiving system by an associate, fed through an automated receiving system and directly onto an outbound conveyor system. Then, it is delivered to a trailer and an associate loads the carton on a truck. With a total of only two touches by associates, and minimal time in the distribution center allows the carton to be delivered to the store quickly and more efficiently.

Automating the receiving process has a long list of additional benefits, including decreasing truck unload times and therefore reducing labor costs at the dock. It also eliminates human error and allows for precise and accurate assessment of inventory. The use of unattended Label Print & Apply equipment expands the benefits gained from material handling equipment and further expedites operations.

With unmanned receiving systems from Solution Net Systems, organizations can save on labor costs while operating at a higher capacity, and with fewer errors. Whether you need a stand-alone or integrated design, we can help to create a customized turnkey solution to increase efficiency and eliminate costs.


Any successful production, distribution, or fulfillment center needs an effective process for receiving. From taking inventory quickly and accurately to labeling and storing receivables for optimal efficiency, the automated receiving systems from Solution Net Systems offer intelligent solutions to help streamline your operation.

These are modular solutions that can be installed in minimal floor space and can be swiftly integrated into any receiving operation. Whatever infrastructural limitations or concerns exist, the team at Solution Net Systems can design and implement an ideal automated receiving solution around them. We also have experience with organizations with a broad range of receivables, so whether your concerns are with weight, volume, or floor space, we can create a solution to suit your needs.

Our unmanned receiving systems include conveyor systems for seamless handling and Automated Sorting. These systems are dynamic and flexible to your operation, so whether you need a 6W belt conveyor or a pallet conveyor system, you can get the system to fit your facility’s needs. We also offer equipment and solutions for the employees manning your receiving operations including ergonomic loading systems and equipment such as lifting devices, electric hoists, and more.

Main Features

  • Automatically record incoming items
  • Label & sort for movement to the proper location
  • Stand-alone or integrated operation
  • Customizable turnkey system
  • Cross-docking capabilities
  • Ergonomic loading assist


  • E-Commerce stock receiving
  • 3-PL automated and cross docking
  • Warehouse and distribution center receiving

Scalable and Sustainable

At Solution Net Systems, we create custom solutions based on your operational demands, infrastructural limitations, and other relevant factors. Simply put, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for automated receiving processing and sortation. We’ve built our business upon providing intelligent and creative automated solutions to solve all our clients’ problems.

Whether you operate a warehouse, e-commerce, distribution center, manufacturing facility, or any other organization with receiving challenges, Solution Net Systems can help create the automated solution for your business. Whatever your business needs in terms of scanning, labeling, and movement of inventory, our scalable automated solutions can help you maximize efficiency in your processes.

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