How You Can Benefit from Our Automated Sortation Solutions

Automation is changing the way that companies do business. While major brands and corporations have been investing in automation for years, it was often too cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses and those who need a less massive scale of logistics solutions. Thus, many companies were left to wait their turn or find a way to come up with the huge investment required to automate.

Fortunately, modern technology has done well to create more effective, affordable solutions for sortation and warehousing, as well as other logistics. When you have automated tools in place, you won’t be doing the work by hand and can save a lot of labor, while also enjoying perks like:

  • Eliminating rework from picking errors
  • Smooth product flow
  • Wide range of options for product shape, size, and capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lower noise levels
  • Simultaneous order processing
  • Reduced order processing costs
  • Fewer picking and sorting mistakes
  • Capabilities for every industry
  • And more!

Sortation is important in the order fulfillment process in every business. Unfortunately, when companies are using human staff members to handle sortation, the risk of error is quite high. Even the best of the best will make mistakes eventually, and if nothing else, at least you can learn and grow from them. In today’s business world, that’s what matters. As a bonus, you can show your customers that you truly are there for them with the right tools and solutions to get the job done.

Inventory Sorting

One way to better manage inventory and incoming products is to use an automated sorting system. If you don’t want to waste endless hours tracking down inventory after a sale, organized sortation and tools can be useful to help you streamline your inventory management and take the work of checking and restocking off of your hands.

Our inventory sortation technology, like all of our solutions, can be built to your exact needs and specifications. Unless you have the time to hire staff to handle these issues, or you just think that you can do it yourself, having an automated sortation system in place is a good way to go. In fact, it’s a good choice for anyone who needs a little help with their various financial struggles.

Shipping and Receiving Sortation

The most common sortation automation that we deal with at Solution Net Systems, Inc. is related to shipping and receiving. During the picking, packing, and shipping process, your items will be sorted several times to get to where they are going. Companies like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service have been using automated sortation for shipping and receiving of mail and packages for years now.

The new technology makes this available to businesses of all types and sizes, and provides a more streamlined, efficient sortation option for those who are done trying to make the old ways work. When it comes to warehousing and logistics, sortation is one thing that should NOT be done manually. There’s no sense in it when solutions like those created by our engineers exist.

If you’re still battling to find the best sortation solution, or you’ve outgrown your use of that third-party logistics team and want to go in-house, we have the systems that will help you. You’ll be able to reduce costs and the integrated scale makes sure that you are getting accurate weights (up to 100 parcels per minute!) so that you are saving on capacity, labor, and shipping costs.

Choose Your Solution

The benefit of working with the team at Solution Net Systems, Inc, is that you will get the benefit of creating the custom automated sortation system that fits your needs, no matter what that might be. Automation solves many of the major issues that come from warehousing and logistics, including the serious shortage of workers and the rise of eCommerce.

Plus, new automation technology resolves the most important component for most businesses: automation has come a long way and there are much more advanced, affordable options available for companies of all sizes. You no longer have to be an enterprise brand or a multinational corporation to reap the rewards of automation. Even a small investment can get you leagues ahead of the competition.

The Benefits of Automated Sortation

Some people are still looking for additional insight and reassurance that automating their sortation (and other efforts) is going to provide them with more than just a “better way” of doing things. For those, we’ve collected some of the best benefits.

Sortation systems can accommodate products of all styles, sizes, and shapes. Plus, you will be able to eliminate the human element, so there are fewer mistakes overall. This is a good time to open up the conversation and start learning about what this method can do for you.

  • Automation maximizes uptime. When you aren’t relying on people to handle sortation, you will never have to stop for people-related issues. Plus, modern automation machines are more efficient than old assembly lines and conveyors, meaning the system will work more effectively and require fewer bodies, saving you money on employees, as well.
  • Processing returns quickly is essential to your cashflow. You can increase your working capital and grow your bottom line by using automated sortation to handle returns and other related transactions. Without an automated process, you could spend hours trying to deal with the returns that you have or even locate them in the system.
  • These systems can be completely customized to your needs, allowing you to get the automated solution that you desire, no matter what type of warehousing business or logistics operation you have that needs a little help with automation.
  • This process is great for eliminating picking errors, increasing product flow, helping process orders simultaneously, and even reducing energy consumption and noise.
  • These systems are sustainable and scalable, which means that as your business grows, they can grow with you. You’ll be able to scale up to meet increasing production needs and do so on a timeline that works for you. When you invest in these systems, you are making a lifelong investment.
  • Automate now, save later. While this is an investment, those who get on board sooner will find that they spend less time and money scaling in the future when they need to grow their automation efforts or add to their solutions.


Automated sortation systems can be used in all kinds of warehousing and logistics applications. They are great for any business that has a busy sortation load ahead of them, from standard eCommerce order picking to reverse logistics and more. We can assist your brand with everything that you need, including a consultation to sit down and discuss what kind of automation systems would work best.

ECommerce Fulfillment

With our fully automated sorting systems and other solutions, we can help provide the logistics and fulfillment automation that new eCommerce brands need. Plus, we’ve created an affordable, scalable solution that will allow it to grow with you over time. Whether you’re drop-shipping, selling products of your own, or selling anything else online on a mass scale, sortation systems can take the work out of the order processing.

Warehousing and Logistics

Of course, our systems are ideal for warehousing and logistics operations that need dedicated automation solutions. Warehousing can save a small fortune by investing in automation tools like this, streamlining their operations, and further improving their bottom line. Imagine being able to do everything in less time with more accuracy, and deliver a better overall experience for your customer while also improving your warehouse operations. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Reverse Logistics

Redistribution plays a huge role in some industries. It is important that you take the time to process returns efficiently. When you do that, you can reduce cash flow issues, increase capital, and reduce the costs associated with shipping and returns. Plus, when it’s all automated as part of the same solution, you’re making one investment to get all the tech and automation tools that you need. Plus, there are options to design just about any scanning and sortation device that you might need.

Scalable, Sustainable Success

All the sortation systems that we design are 100% scalable to the needs of your business. They’re also fully sustainable on their own, and they can grow when your business does. We can even help create custom solutions for reverse logistics to save time, increase efficiency and productivity, and increase your bottom line. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your operations or create success faster, automation might be the way to go.

Our dedicated team of engineers has been working hard to continue to improve the solutions that we offer and scale to a level that makes us accessible to even the smallest brands seeking warehousing, logistics, and automation solutions. At Solution Net Systems, Inc., we believe in the power of automation, and we are going to do everything that we can to help you succeed with it.

Contact us now to discuss how Solution Net Systems’ automated sortation could improve your operations, from standard order management to reverse logistics, and everything in between.

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