Automated Sortation

Benefits of Sortation Systems for Your Business

The process of sorting can be a labor-intensive one. And if you’re not using an automated sortation system, then you’re most likely doing it by hand. This can waste precious resources on unnecessary labor, increase errors, and damper efficiency.

By investing in a fully integrated automated sortation system from Solution Net Systems, Inc., you can reduce the need for non-essential personnel, which reduces labor expenses. You’ll also enjoy significantly increased productivity and greater accuracy for your orders.

Sortation is crucial in many steps of the process of order fulfillment, including receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. Because of its numerous benefits, an automated sortation system can have a substantial impact on your business and its ability to efficiently and accurately fill orders.

For instance, the inevitable mistakes that occur during the sortation process of manual or outdated sorting systems can cost your business valuable time and money. By replacing or upgrading your current system to an automated sortation solution, you’ll remove the potential for inaccuracies, decrease waste, increase output, and enjoy more accurate and productive operations.

Warehouse Automation Solutions – Sortation Technology Capabilities

The sophisticated technology of automated sortation systems is what makes them so productive and efficient. They offer maximum productivity while requiring minimal floor space. And since we offer experienced engineers to design and install your sortation conveyor, software, and controls, these systems can be customized to meet your distinct sortation requirements.

Our sortation systems can accommodate any product, regardless of size or shape. Our systems are modular and easy to operate. Because they’re so flexible, automated sortation systems can handle a wide variety of items, even jewelry and other small items. This includes totes, cases, and polybags as well.

These systems are critical to maximizing uptime, and present an opportunity for an excellent return on investment. Durable and dependable, they offer a wide range of sortation options so you can maximize your throughput and optimize your operations.

Utilizing automated sortation systems can also reduce the shipping and handling costs of packets and smaller parcels for mailers. With an integrated in-motion scale, you can capture up to 100 parcel weights per minute to increase capacity and labor savings.

In markets where returns and redistributions play a considerable role, it’s crucial to process returns quickly. This allows for the minimization of cash flow issues, and can significantly increase your working capital.

Automated Sortation – Features & Applications

Main Features

  • A wide range of product capacity, shape, and size
  • Gentle handling
  • Smooth product flow
  • Eliminates picking errors rework
  • Processes orders simultaneously
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced noise levels


  • E-Commerce order picking
  • Reverse logistics
  • Jewelry & other small items

Sortation Systems – Scalable and Sustainable

Our sortation systems are 100% scalable and sustainable, so when your business grows, these systems can grow along with it, allowing you to meet increased orders and production needs.

Automated sortation systems from Solution Net Systems, Inc. can take your business to the next level through increased efficiency, productivity, and reduce order errors. All of this saves you money and adds to your bottom line. Let us turn your concept into reality with trusted warehouse automation solutions.

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