Dimension Weigh & Scan


At Solution Net Systems, we understand the need to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing expenses and wasted resources for your packing handling operations. By incorporating sophisticated technology into a results-driven approach, Dimension Weigh and Scan systems present a host of benefits for logistics and parcels businesses. Because of their efficiency and accuracy, they produce a swift return on investment for companies looking to streamline their operations.

Aside from their quick ROI, Dimension Weigh and Scan systems can help reduce transport costs as well by transmitting data to analytical systems and helping to optimize trailer loading. Utilizing this information can be critical to minimizing errors and increasing productivity, resulting in significant savings on transportation expenses.

Dimension Weigh and Scan systems can even improve the overall customer experience. Because they continually verify accuracy and perform real-time comparisons against expectations, these systems can decrease returns and help to foster customer loyalty and enhance their satisfaction.


Providing intricate and fully-integrated solutions for industries like parcel distribution, E-commerce, logistics, retailers and more, the Dimension Weigh and Scan offers significant advantages and unique advancements for package handling operations. Not only can the DWS system identify the weight, dimension, and barcode data of packages, but it can also adjust the transportation charges as well, all in real-time.

Additionally, Dimension Weigh and Scan systems communicate directly with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems to transmit crucial package data, which is vital for fast-moving and elaborate warehouse and inventory operations. DWS systems also employ package and content imaging, as well as capture package data and provide accuracy verification for its weight, size, and barcode information.

Innovative Software

Solution Net Systems offers a suite of Flexible Automation Solution Tools (FAST) that deliver the latest in configurable, complete solutions for package handling. This software allows vital data to be shared with the Dimension Weigh and Scan system, as well as many of our other solutions, like Label Print and Apply systems, to ensure optimization of inventory and aid with accuracy.

Main Features

  • Complete highly configurable solution
  • Including dimensioners, scales, barcode readers, controls and software
  • In-motion dimensioning for both cuboidal and irregular packages
  • In motion weight of cartons, parcels, flats, and bags
  • Scan 1D/2D barcodes on single or multiple sides aligned or randomly oriented
  • Certified Legal-For-Trade


  • E-Commerce stock receiving
  • 3-PL automated and cross docking
  • Warehouse and distribution center receiving

Scalable and Sustainable

No two operations, infrastructures, or capabilities are alike or created equal, and Solution Net Systems understands that. Regardless of the limitations or demands of your business and facility, we can create customized solutions that will allow you to enhance your productivity and gain an edge over the competition.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to streamline your distribution center, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other organization facing package handling challenges. Whether it’s through our Dimension Weigh and Scan equipment, or our Automation Software, Solution Net Systems can help to create the ultimate automated solution for your company.

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