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If there’s an industry that can benefit from automation, it’s warehousing. In the past, automated systems and solutions were often directed toward enterprise-level businesses and big brands that could “afford” the investment. Today, however, technology has improved automation in so many ways, including making it affordable and scalable for every business, no matter its size.

Automation is changing the way that companies do business. The smaller brands on the market might not realize that automation is also for them, but we work with companies of all sizes to deliver the automated solutions that they need. We can provide sortation, scanning and weighing, labeling, software, and even receiving and automated manifesting systems.

The automation solutions available from Solution Net Systems are designed to deliver everything that you need for better warehousing, no matter what business you’re in. Plus, we’ll also work to consult on your current operations and future needs to create a plan for success for the future. It’s all about helping you get more.

Read on to learn more about our warehouse automation solutions, the power of automation, and the benefits to be had from embracing the technology available today.

The Power of Automation

Automated solutions can reduce processing times, increase the accuracy of orders, and reduce your dependence on the ever-dwindling workforce that is out there today. It doesn’t matter whether you need to have a major custom installation designed or if you just need a few tools here and there to help automate your warehouse because we’ve got you covered.

Companies often hesitate to adopt this technology because they think that they can’t afford it or that it will be too complex. Some brands feel they don’t have the real “means” or need for this type of automation, so they simply move on as they always have and overlook what could be the key to their success.

Automated logistics is changing the way that companies work. It is offering an opportunity to save time, money, and employees and giving your brand the chance to grow and thrive in ways that you’ve never seen before. Plus, it’s available to anyone who needs it, thanks to our team’s commitment to providing scalable solutions for every company.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to research, warehouse automation is a big factor in forward-moving success for many brands. In fact, according to one study from Deloitte, as many as 79% of companies that have a high-performing supply chain will achieve above-average revenue growth in their industry.

Not only that, but as many as 12% of companies are totally unprofitable once distribution costs are factored into the equation.

It’s no wonder that automation and warehouse logistics are taking the spotlight. Here are a few more reasons why Solution Net Systems, does what we do:

  • Warehouse renting rates are on the rise, as are other business expenses. The best way to cut your operating costs is to automate your operations and save money elsewhere since you can’t very well change the state of the leasing market. Plus, with automation, you may even be able to rent a smaller space.
  • About 68% of warehouse capacity is used among the average manufacturer. That means there’s still a lot of room (literally and figuratively) for growth and automation to improve your operations from the ground up.
  • Distribution centers are expanding in every direction, literally, and need resources to help them stay on top. Automated solutions like the warehouse automation tools and logistics that we offer will help you get more out of your business.
  • Travel time accounts for as much as half of the total picking time. Thus, you can increase your processing times significantly if you choose to automate with a dedicated sortation system.

What are You Waiting for?

So many companies are still on the fence about automation. They may not be aware of the available options, or they may be concerned that they can’t afford the available solutions. Tons of hurdles are keeping people from adopting automation technology, and we can address them all with our solutions.

The most common reasons that people don’t automate right away, or that they’re still wondering whether it’s the way to go include:

  • The lack of clarity and information about new technology
  • The increasing competition of eCommerce
  • Uncertainties of omnichannel distribution
  • Difficulty obtaining new equipment and technology

At Solution Net Systems, we address all of these problems and make sure that you get everything that you need to help your business grow. We’ll sit down with you and let our engineers explain the new automation systems that we offer and how they can help your brand. We’ll even provide a detailed assessment of your operations to help you see how our technology could help and where you can make improvements for efficiency and cost savings in various ways, including by using our automated solutions.

Warehouse Automation Benefits

For those who are looking to improve their business through automation, there is no shortage of benefits to be had. When you choose to work with our team to create an integrated solution for your business, you will be able to trust that we have everything that you need in place. In addition, you’ll enjoy perks like:

  • Increased Throughput: With automation, you can process hundreds more items, units, or shipments per day and even per hour than you might without it. You will be able to improve the overall operations of the warehouse and process more orders and materials than ever before, with less work.
  • Better Resource Utilization: Automation addresses using the resources that you have to create the best outcome for your business. In addition to our solutions, we’ll help you identify ways to better utilize other resources and improve your automation all around.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: When you automate, you’re reducing many expenses. You will have lower operational costs since things are done more efficiently. You will also be able to reduce labor costs by requiring fewer employees to do the work when you integrate new machines to automate things like sortation, labeling, manifesting, and more.
  • Reduced Storage and Handling Costs: Again, you’re going to save a small fortune on your expenses, including in the area of storage and handling. With automated sortation and warehousing solutions, we will streamline your efforts and give you the tools to improve every aspect of operations.
  • Fewer Human Errors: The human element is essential in some aspects of business, but it’s one that can be costly. With automation, you will reduce the risk of human error and increase your productivity as a result. If you are looking to reduce errors in your warehousing, this is the best way to go.
  • Improved Customer Service: When your business is operating more efficiently, you will have much happier customers. People will notice when their orders are accurate, efficiently shipped, and picked properly. They will appreciate your lower costs that allow you to pass savings onto them, and you’ll have fewer issues of locating orders or problems in the supply chain when complaints do arise.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: It won’t just be in your new automation tools, either. Those will get the ball rolling, but once you have automation in place, it’s going to inspire you to create more solutions and continue to find a better way to make changes down the line.

The Future is Automated

Today, we live in a world where everyone wants everything as quickly as possible. It’s human nature, thanks to the technology that we’ve put in everyone’s hands with smartphones, which basically tells them that they can have whatever they want, instantly, if they are capable of searching for it. It’s only natural for automation to follow suit and keep up with that new customer mindset.

Plus, efficiency helps your business and gives you a way to save money. Sure, it’s an investment now, but that’s just it– it’s an investment. If you are going to succeed in warehousing and logistics of any kind, you need to invest in the best technology and tools to help you get there. Most companies find that they earn their returns much faster than expected, too, which means you won’t have to worry about holding out for the long-term benefits. However, there are plenty of those to be had, too.

If you’re ready to optimize your warehouse, even if you’re not sure where to start, our team is ready to help. You can contact us today to discuss all the automation tools and solutions that we offer and find out how we can help you get everything that you need. We have spent years refining the automation process and are utilizing the latest technology to create scalable, affordable solutions for everyone, and we’re ready to get started when you are.

The future is automated, but the future is now. Are you ready to take the ride with automation? Contact us now.

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