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Why Automated Sortation Is Essential for Businesses

By January 10, 2022 No Comments

More and more companies today are starting to use automation to various degrees. One of the main reasons that automation is becoming more commonplace is that it has finally become affordable for companies of all sizes. No longer are these solutions only available for large companies with massive budgets. Today, it’s possible for businesses to get started with automation on whatever scale makes sense to them. One of the areas that companies often begin with is automated sortation.

Automating the sorting of inventory, as well as products being received or shipped, will save a substantial amount of time. Consider the benefits that automated sortation can offer.

Faster Sortation

People can move only so fast, and they can’t compete with how quickly a sorting machine can get things done. Even better, the automated sortation machines don’t need to take breaks and can work around the clock if needed. The machines won’t call in sick, either. It takes fewer employees to operate the machines, and it’s possible to get a lot more done in less time.
The employees are still important, of course, but their skills can be put to better use in other parts of the company. Let the machine handle the work that needs to be done with sortation. Of course, speed is not the only advantage that automated sortation offers over manual sortation.

No Human Errors

There is also the benefit of eliminating errors that humans might make. Because a sorting line often moves quickly, it’s possible that employees might make errors. This means that certain items could be shelved in the wrong locations in the warehouse. It might also mean that items are being shipped to the wrong customers, or customers are getting the wrong items when they order. All of these mistakes are costly. Customers lose faith in the business, and the company loses money.

Automated sortation machines are not prone to the same types of errors that can occur with manual sortation processes. It will help to drastically reduce the number of errors that happen in the sortation process.

When there are fewer errors, it helps to ensure the customers are happier and the operations are flowing smoothly. Happier customers will often mean that they will be returning customers, too.

Return Processing

Another benefit of automated sortation is return processing. When there are returns that come into the company, the automated sortation system can handle the return process, helping to save time and frustration. Without automation, this would need to be handled manually, which could take costly minutes to deal with just one return if it can’t be found in the system. Automated sortation ensures that the return is properly logged, so it can be handled quickly.

Reduce Costs and Enjoy Other Benefits

By having fewer people working on sortation by hand, companies will be saving a substantial amount of money. It means that fewer employees will be needed for the standard sortation procedures. The employees currently working at the company can be used in different capacities and moved to different areas, where they can help the company.

The machines use only a small amount of energy, and they tend to be quiet, so users won’t have to worry about a lot of noise on the floor. The automated sorting machines can be made to work for just about any type of industry imaginable. Regardless of the size of the company, there are solutions that can be used or customized just for them.

Automated Sortation is Customizable and Scalable

All companies are different and have different needs when it comes to sortation. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide customized sortation machines of various types and styles to work with any industry. Customization is important and should be something buyers look for when they are choosing a system.

Additionally, they want to be sure they have a scalable system. When the company grows, they want the system to be capable of growing along with them. Starting with a system that is scalable will be easier than trying to add a brand new system later. Those who are interested in these systems should consider not just the cost, but also the scalability and customization options.

Ways Automated Sorting Can Be Used

Automated sorting machines can be used for a range of purposes. Consider the ways that automation for sortation could help. One of the most common ways is to help with inventory sorting, as touched on above. It’s possible to manage the inventory and the products coming into the warehouse. The system can let users know how much inventory they have available, where it’s located, and more. It can be sorted and sent out to the correct customers with shipping sortation solutions.

Many types of companies, including e-commerce businesses, are using automated sortation tools today. Warehousing and logistics operations can invest in the tools, as can reverse logistics companies that work in redistribution.

It’s Smart to Choose Automated Sortation Now

Even a relatively small company might do well to consider using automated sortation. It can help now, and since it can be scaled upward, it will be easier to grow along with the company. Automating now can also help to save money later. It will be less of a hassle to expand the system after the first is already in place.

There is an initial investment in the machines, but companies should think of it as an investment in their business. When looking for a solution, make sure that the automation vendor can provide one that is customized to work for the warehouse’s specific needs.

When talking with a company about getting an automated sortation solution, it’s important to be as specific as possible about the business, the way it operates, the space available for the machines, etc. The more the seller knows about the business, and the better the owner knows their own business, the easier it will be to get the proper solution up and running.