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Why Companies Should Consider Using Automated Sortation

By September 16, 2021 October 26th, 2021 No Comments

Automation has become increasingly important to all manner of businesses in recent years. It was often large brands that were utilizing automation because the costs were high. Thanks to advancements in technology, companies no longer have to be major brands to benefit from the use of automation tools. They are finding that various forms of automation, including automated sortation, can provide them with a range of benefits.

What Is Automated Sortation?

Companies often utilize human labor as a means to sort inventory, especially for shipping and receiving tasks. However, people are more likely to make errors when sorting by hand, particularly on long shifts. With automated tools, it becomes easier to manage inventory as well as incoming and outgoing products. Automation reduces the amount of human labor that’s needed. It can also speed up the sorting process and do all this while eliminating errors. Automated sortation tools have the potential to help companies save a substantial amount of money.

Is Automated Sortation Worth the Cost?

One of the common questions asked when small to mid-sized businesses are thinking about getting automation tools such as sortation is whether the cost will be worth it or not. Although all companies will have different-sized budgets, the number of benefits associated with automation speak for themselves. The cost of implementing automation tends to be well worth it, given all the ways that it can help to save money after it has been implemented.

What Are the Major Benefits of Automated Sortation?

Before opting for automated sortation, businesses want to know more about how the technology can help them. The benefits are far-ranging. Keep in mind that sortation can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for picking and shipping, sorting incoming inventory, and processing returns. The benefits apply to all of these areas.

Improved Productivity

One of the biggest of those benefits is increased productivity. When people are involved in the sortation process, there is the potential for slowdowns. Occasionally an employee or two might not be able to come to work because they are ill. Others might not be capable of keeping up with increased demand. Essentially, businesses are only capable of going as fast as the humans that work for them.

Using modern automation tools will eliminate those drawbacks. Even when compared with older types of conveyor systems, automated sortation technology can provide more overall efficiency. Additionally, human workers can only work a certain number of hours before they start to get overtime pay. Machines don’t get overtime, and they can work around the clock. This means hiring fewer people to handle the sortation process in the company.

Reduce Errors

Although a company might have excellent employees, it’s still possible that they could make errors from time to time. This becomes a greater risk when they have had a long shift. Even a few small mistakes can cause major problems. Customers will lose faith, products and packages will be lost, etc. When using the right automated sortation machines, errors will be eliminated.

Customization Is Possible

Another benefit of modern automated sortation tools is that it’s often possible to customize them. All businesses are different and will have different needs. Therefore, getting a system that’s set up to work well for that particular business is essential. Companies need to be sure they are working with a solution provider that gives them the ability to customize automation processes as needed to meet their unique business needs.

Save Money

Consider the ways that automated sortation tools could help a company to save money. Not only will they need to hire fewer employees, which will reduce wages and benefits costs, but fewer errors mean fewer lost customers. The sooner a company starts to get on board with the automating process, the better. It will help them save money now and will prepare them for the future. Companies often will find that the amount of money they can save with automated sortation and other automation tools will offset the cost of getting it set up.

Scale with the Company

When the right tools are in place, they can grow as the business grows. When the company gets larger, the automated sortation tools can scale to meet the company’s needs. This helps to ensure they can continue to gain all of the benefits of sortation.

How Can Companies Get Started Using Automated Sortation?

Most companies will not have their own technology that will allow them to set up automated sortation. Instead, it takes research and engineers to create workable systems. Fortunately, other companies have taken care of the hard work and have created these systems. They can provide quality solutions that will work for companies of all types and sizes. Finding a company that can provide these solutions and help get them integrated into the business is a critical step toward breathing new life into a business that may be stagnating under its current way of operating.

Other Types of Automation to Consider

While automated sortation is certainly one of the best options for companies to consider, it is not the only means of automation available today. By choosing to work with other types of automation, companies can experience even more benefits.

Other types of automation to consider include automated manifest systems, automated receiving, dimension weight and scan, and even automated guided vehicles. All companies are different and will have different requirements and goals when it comes to automation. Businesses should take some time to consider all of the different areas where they might be able to make improvements to their business, and then talk with a provider about how they can reach those goals.

Improved Technology Means Better Results

While it’s still important for businesses to have a human component in many departments, the use of automated sortation and other automation tools can help make operating a business easier. Better efficiencies result in greater revenues, regardless of the size of the company. Get started on a search for automated technology solutions today and get started reaping the benefits.